Haslam Student Wins Essay Contest on Women in Business

samanthaherold_webSamantha Herold, a student at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Haslam College of Business received a $5,000 scholarship for her submission in the Womenetics Advancing Aspirations Global Scholarship essay competition. The Hon. Melanne Verveer, the first U.S. Ambassador on Global Women’s Issues, selected Herold’s essay as the competition’s grand prize winner.

Herold was one of five students awarded a scholarship as part of the competition. More than 200 applications were submitted from greater than 170 universities across 36 states. Finalists for the essay contest shared their research during a panel discussion at Womenetic’s Global Women’s Initiative Symposium in Chicago on Nov. 12.

Herold’s essay focused on preventing employee burnout among women through company implementation of targeted strategies to create supportive environments. Using her scholarship, Herold will travel to Brazil and Chile to conduct a comparative study on culture and business. She hopes to use what she learns there to advocate for workforce policy on social change and sustainability.

In her winning essay, Herold sums up the major issues facing women in the workplace. “Females are not progressing to executive positions like men are, and from what the statistics show, it is certainly not an issue of education or work ethic,” Herold writes. “If burnout is an issue that transcends gender boundaries, then it is no wonder at all why women’s aspirations to advance in business burn up in the corporate atmosphere. Businesses cannot do much to dictate what women do when they leave the office, but they can do more to provide social support and to provide an environment in which they can flourish.”

Herold, a junior majoring in supply chain and international business, has previously interned with FareShare, a London, England-based nonprofit that distributes edible food waste to underserved populations in the United Kingdom.

To read Herold’s complete essay, please click here.

Womenetics is a certified B-corporation providing B2B services that increases access, development and retention for the best female professional talent.

CONTACT: Katie Bahr, writer/publicist, (865) 974-3589, katiebahr@utk.edu

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Knoxville’s Habitat for Humanity honors Haslam professor

KHFH-Mike-Sallie-Ehrhardt-1Michael Ehrhardt, the Paul and Beverly Castagna Professor of Investments in the Warren C. Neel Corporate Governance Center, was honored by Knoxville’s Habitat for Humanity on Dec. 5 with a Sis Award. Ehrhardt and his wife, Sallie, received the award for their leadership of the Tennessee Organization of MBAs house-building project over the last 12 years.


In 2003, a Haslam student suggested that the Tennessee Organization of MBAs (TOMBA) sponsor a home as part of its philanthropic mission, and Ehrhardt has organized the building effort ever since. TOMBA completed its 12th house the week before Thanksgiving.


“With enormous dedication and hard work, TOMBA has successfully raised all the necessary funding and recruited all the needed volunteers to build all 12 homes,” said Ehrhardt. Volunteers have included faculty, staff, students, athletic teams, fraternities, sororities and other student organizations across the Knoxville campus.

KHFH-Mike-Sallie-Ehrhardt-3Ehrhardt’s dedication to the cause goes beyond his leadership, however. Knoxville’s HFH recognized both Mike and Sallie Ehrhardt for their support and connection with the families long after the building project has been completed, citing times when they donated books and toys and worked on landscaping projects.

Sis Awards are named for Knoxville Habitat for Humanity founder, Ellen Roddy “Sis” Mitchell and were conferred at the Knoxville HFH’s annual Holiday Breakfast.

CONTACT: Katie Bahr, writer/publicist, (865) 974-3589, katiebahr@utk.edu

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U. of Tenn. Students Use Analytics to Assist Nonprofits

DataInformed, a leading industry publication, recently featured UT’s business analytics students and their work using data to help nonprofits. Read more…

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Succeeding in the Digital Age

The Economist magazine has featured UT’s Department of Business Analytics and Statistics in a white paper that examines what businesses need to achieve success in a digital age. The paper addresses the market, business and technology strategy issues organizations must address to succeed on digital platforms and how digital businesses must tackle customer and employee issues. Read more…

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UT study on global supply chain highlights reversal of outsourcing

Relocation of manufacturing and product sourcing to emerging economies is no longer the gold standard for global businesses, according to a study from UT’s Global Supply Chain Institute.

The rush to Asia in the last decade promised major cost reduction, but financial gains for many corporations have been short-lived. The study delves into the downsides of outsourcing by putting the complexity and risk of the global environment into context. Evidence from the research, compiled in Global Supply Chains, the fourth installment in the Game-Changing Trends in Supply Chain series from UT’s supply chain faculty, suggests a more localized supply chain for many products may soon be making a comeback.

“Countless factors can harm performance when supply chains are stretched across the globe,” said Ted Stank, UT Bruce Chair of Excellence and one of the co-authors of the study. “The most successful companies evaluate the local variables before jumping into a global supply chain and design a dynamic network less vulnerable to the pitfalls of modern globalization.”

The report utilizes a framework of key national characteristics that appeared in Global Supply Chains: Evaluating Regions on an EPIC Framework, a book Stank co-authored with three other faculty from UT and ESSEC business school in Paris. Ten companies, with industries ranging from materials refining to health care, were then interviewed for the study. Real-world examples of their experiences are presented to demonstrate best practices in global supply chain network development.

BT, one of the world’s leading providers of communication solutions and services, sponsored the study. One of BT’s offerings is BT Trace, a portfolio of solutions that accesses and manages information and assets at different points throughout the supply chain. This promotes visibility between different areas of a corporation’s business, helping them more thoroughly evaluate indicators of risk within their supply chains.

“Visibility is the most pivotal and elusive element of a successful global supply chain network. Our clients need reliable communication and an understanding of big data to make their businesses work,” said Keith Sherry, general manager of Supply Chain for BT Global Services.

Streamlined, global supply chains are still efficient for companies with complex technology and low logistical costs. However, supply chain network design must change and adapt as the world changes and adapts. The report highlights communication and visibility across the entire supply chain as a consistent element in successful businesses.

The research suggests that supply chains throughout the world will eventually break into a series of “pods” where regional procurement and manufacturing will supply the demand centers of the area with a significant percentage of its production needs.

UT’s Global Supply Chain Institute is an internationally recognized thought leader in supply chain research. To access other studies in the discipline, visit globalsupplychaininstitute.utk.edu. A complete copy of the study is available online at http://globalsupplychaininstitute.utk.edu/publications/white-papers.asp.



For more information on BT, please visit: globalservices.bt.com.

Global Supply Chains: Evaluating Regions on an EPIC Framework is available on amazon.com.

CONTACT: Katie Bahr, Haslam College of Business, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; writer/publicist, (865) 974-3589, katiebahr@utk.edu

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UT Professor’s Paper on ‘CEO Shirking’ in National News

A paper co-authored by Andy Puckett, associate professor of finance, about chief executive officers who shirk their responsibilities and avoid the hard work required to do an excellent job was recently published in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation.

Read More…

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Boyd Venture Challenge Awards $32,500 to Student Startups

The Anderson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEI) has named four student startup companies as winners in the fall 2014 Boyd Venture Challenge. The companies, ranging in nature from farm equipment to web design, each received $5,000 to $10,000 in seed funding to advance their businesses.

“We had a really great group of student companies apply this semester,” said Tom Graves, ACEI Operations Director. “The judges were very impressed by the quality of the businesses that presented, as is evidenced by the fact they chose to award four teams. The awards, collectively, represent the largest funding round since the fund’s inception in spring 2011.”

The fall 2014 winners are:

  • Catalyst Cycling LLC, $10,000
  • Make Me Modern Inc., $10,000
  • FunLPro Technology LLC, $7,500
  • FarmSpec, $5,000
Catalyst Cycling – Justin Clark, Zach McCormick, Nick McCormick

Catalyst Cycling – Justin Clark, Zach McCormick, Nick McCormick

Catalyst Cycling LLC, is a repeat Boyd Venture Challenge winner, having also won last fall. The Catalyst Cycling team is formed of Zach McCormick, a junior in mathematics, Nick McCormick, a sophomore in mechanical engineering, and Justin Clark, a junior in computer science. Their company sells innovative cycling parts and accessories, and is already gaining market traction with their carbon fiber wheel covers. They intend to use the $10,000 to finalize the designs of two additional products, the Time Capsule and Wheel System.

Make Me Modern – Anthony Meyer, Thomas Truett, Daniel Lawhon

Make Me Modern – Anthony Meyer, Thomas Truett, Daniel Lawhon

Make Me Modern Inc. is a web development company formed by Thomas Truett, a senior in business management, Anthony Meyer, a junior in electrical engineering, and Daniel Lawhon, a junior in computer engineering. They are developing a software program, Breeze, that will enable customers to preview their existing website in a variety of provided modern designs and allow them to update the look of their website with a simple push of a button. Make Me Modern intends to use the $10,000 to finish developing the Breeze software and begin beta testing.

FunLPro – Bryan Crosby

FunLPro – Bryan Crosby

FunLPro Technology LLC is owned by Bryan Crosby, an MBA candidate and Entrepreneur Fellow. He has developed a disposable funnel that integrates into product packaging and eliminates the need to use a separate funnel when pouring liquids like motor oil, antifreeze or bleach. The $7,500 will be used to finance packaging FunLPro and to develop FunLPro caps that will be available in major automotive retail outlets in early 2015.

FarmSpec – Austin Scott, Shawn Butler

FarmSpec – Austin Scott, Shawn Butler

FarmSpec is a company developing innovative technologies to improve the sustainability of global food systems. It was formed by Shawn Butler and Austin Scott, both master’s candidates in plant pathology and plant sciences, respectively. Their first product, the Flex Roller Crimper, is a new agricultural tool that will enable incorporation of cover crops into no-till and other crop production systems. They hold a provisional patent on the technology and intend to use the $5,000 prize to develop a working prototype for field-testing.

The Boyd Venture Challenge is administered through the Anderson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in UT’s Haslam College of Business. Since the fund’s inception in 2011, 20 student-owned companies have been awarded a total of $142,000 in seed capital to advance their businesses.

The Boyd Venture Challenge is made possible by the generosity of Randy Boyd, president and CEO of Radio Systems Corporation, makers of PetSafe, Invisible Fence and SportDog brands.

- See more at: http://www.andersoncei.utk.edu/2014/11/25/fall-boyd-venture-challenge/#sthash.qUlrTTpS.dpuf

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