UT Faculty Member Selected as SEC Academic Leadership Fellow

Annette L. Ranft, Reagan Professor of Business, was one of 49 faculty and administrators selected to be a Fellow in the 2013-14 Southeastern Conference (SEC) Academic Leadership Development Program. Ranft is the associate dean of academic affairs in the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College of Business Administration.

annette ranftEstablished in 2008, the SEC Academic Leadership Development Program identifies, prepares, fosters, and advances academic leadership; it allows SEC faculty the unique opportunity to address academic and administrative challenges at major SEC research universities.

Ranft says she was honored to be selected to this esteemed group. “It is such a unique opportunity to learn from each other and experienced leaders in higher education.”

According to Torie Johnson, executive director of SECU, the league’s academic initiative, the individuals selected by their universities to participate in the program represent the future of higher education administration. “The leadership skills they already possess are sure to be enhanced by the SEC leadership program experience,” she said.

The leadership program has two components: a university-level development program designed by each institution and two, three-day, SEC-wide workshops held on specified campuses for all program participants.

Three other individuals from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, campus were selected:

Susan M. Benner, University of Tennessee, associate dean, College of Education, Health and Human Sciences

Joanne M. Hall, University of Tennessee, professor, College of Nursing

Veerle Keppens, University of Tennessee, associate dean for faculty affairs, College of Engineering

The other 45 participants are:

Kim Bissell, University of Alabama, associate dean, College of Communication & Information Sciences

Kari Frederickson, University of Alabama, department chair, History

Tim A. Haskew, University of Alabama, department head, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Philo A. Hutcheson, University of Alabama, department chair, Educational Leadership, Policy and Technology Studies

Yvette Murphy-Erby, University of Arkansas, director, School of Social Work

Michael T. Kidd, University of Arkansas, department head, Poultry Science

Kate Mamiseishvili, University of Arkansas, interim department head, Rehabilitation, Human Resources & Communication Disorders

Rajiv Sabherwal, University of Arkansas, department chair, Information Systems

Jennifer Wood Adams, Auburn University, director, School of Communication & Journalism

Sushil H. Bhavnani, Auburn University, program chair, Mechanical Engineering

Richard Burt, Auburn University, head, McWhorter School of Building Science

Christopher M. Janelle, University of Florida, interim associate dean, College of Health & Human Performance

Spiro K. Kiousis, University of Florida, executive associate dean, College of Journalism & Communications

Rowan Milner, University of Florida, department chair, Small Animal Clinical Sciences

Julian A. Cook, III, University of Georgia, professor, School of Law

Tracie Costantino, University of Georgia, co-chair, Art Education Program

Sarah F. Covert, University of Georgia, associate dean for academic affairs, Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Sciences

Tom Reichert, University of Georgia, department head, Advertising & Public Relations

Nancy C. Jones, University of Kentucky, department chair, Theatre

Douglass S. Kalika, University of Kentucky, department chair, Chemical & Materials Engineering

Sue Roberts, University of Kentucky, professor, Department of Geography

Deirdre A. Scaggs, University of Kentucky, associate dean, Special Collections

Stephen David Beck, Louisiana State University, associate dean, College of Music & Dramatic Arts

William A. Clark, Louisiana State University, department chair, Political Science

Roland W. Mitchell, Louisiana State University, associate director, School of Education

William W. Berry, III, University of Mississippi, assistant professor, School of Law

John C. Garner, III, University of Mississippi, interim department chair, Health, Exercise Science & Recreation Management

Ethel Young-Minor, University of Mississippi, associate professor, College of Liberal Arts

Charlotte Fant Pegues, University of Mississippi, assistant provost, Department of Leadership & Counselor Education

Jeralynn S. Cossman, Mississippi State University, department head, Sociology

Jason E. Lueg, Mississippi State University, department head, Marketing, Quantitative Analysis & Business Law

J. Mike Phillips, Mississippi State University, department head, Plant & Soil Sciences

Julia Porter, Mississippi State University, division head, Education

Stephen P. Ferris, University of Missouri, senior associate dean, College of Business

Jana M. Hawley, University of Missouri, department chair, Textile & Apparel Management

Sandy Rikoon, University of Missouri, associate dean for research & graduate studies, College of Human Environmental Sciences

Gregory E. Triplett, Jr., University of Missouri, director of undergraduate studies, Electrical & Computer Engineering

William D. Anderson, III, University of South Carolina, associate Dean, School of Medicine

Cynthia J. Davis, University of South Carolina, graduate director, English Language & Literature

Valinda W. Littlefield, University of South Carolina, department director, African-American Studies

Joseph Rackers, University of South Carolina, program director, School of Music

George Cunningham, Texas A&M University, associate dean, College of Education & Human Development

Sumana Datta, Texas A&M University, executive director, Honors & Undergraduate Research

Rosana G. Moreira, Texas A&M University, assistant department head, Biological & Agricultural Engineering

John N. Stallone, Texas A&M University, acting department head, Veterinary Physiology & Pharmacology

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