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KNOXVILLE, TN — Ryan Sowell (economics, dual concentration international business, 2011) and Daniel Stone (accounting, dual concentration international business, 2011), graduates of the College of Business Administration’s Global Leadership Scholars (GLS) honors program, published their research in Pursuit, the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s periodical for profiling original, research-based, undergraduate research. Sowell’s and Stone’s submissions were developed from their GLS senior thesis projects and appeared in the Fall 2011 issue.

Pursuit emphasizes excellence in writing and presentation of undergraduate research.
In its third year of publication, Pursuit currently publishes every fall and spring semester. Each issue of Pursuitreceives up to 20 submissions from which seven to 10 manuscripts are selected.

Local Government Relations in Knox County Executive Collaboration and its Impact
(click here for PDF of research)
by Ryan Sowell
Faculty advisor:David Folz, Ph.D; Political Science

Recent events in Knoxville and Knox County governments reflect interest-group-led referendums, corruption, and reform. Over the past 20 years, the greater Knoxville community experienced intergovernmental court battles, a failed unification referendum, a sheriff with unprecedented political clout, and state legislative intervention. Sowell’s research reflects his perspective on contemporary local political history, which is anchored by newspaper articles and guided by anecdotal stories provided in interviews with government officials.

Price Appreciation, Bargaining Power, and the Determinants of Corporate Leasing Policy
(click here for PDF of research)
by Daniel Stone
Faculty advisor: Dr. James A. Chyz, Ph.D;, Department of Accounting and Information Management

Stone’s study uses price appreciation and bargaining power measures to determine whether current accounting standards are effective at classifying the risks of leases by ownership. His results, which are detailed in the research, show cause for further study on the subject.

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